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Grao en Química
  Laboratory Automation
Topic Sub-topic
-General concepts in system control. -Basic principles. Types of control design. Discrete sytems. Control diagrams. General targets and evaluation criteria. Digital and analog data. Programmable logic controller.
-Introduction to graphical programming using LabVIEW -Front panel, block diagram, tool bars and pop-up menus. Virtual instruments
-Components of a virtual instrument. -Controls, indicators and constants. Data-flow execution structures. Data categories in LabVIEW.
-Basic operations with data. -Logic operators. Mathematical operators. Array and clusters' build-up.
-The use of structures. -For and While loops. Making decisions with Case structure. Sequences. Formulas. Advanced structures.
-Data representation and storage. -Graphic representations. Input and output files.
-Advance tasks. -Creation of subVI's. Local variables and "shift registers". Property nodes. Icon edition and terminal connection.
-Instrument control. -Types of connections. Instrument control through RS232 connection.
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