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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Culture and Civilisation of English-Speaking Countries
Topic Sub-topic
1. Introduction and commentary of the programme 1.1. Commentary of the programme, method, deadlines, assessment, etc.
2. Summary of the history of the British Isles 2.1. Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings
2.2. The Norman Conquest and its cultural consequences
2.3. Wales: Under English domination
2.4. Scottish independence; Bannockburn 1314
2.5.. The Tudors;how they came to rule: the bones of a King under the carpark
2.5.1. The Invincible Armada
2.6. The trial of Charles I, the Republic, and the Restoration of the monarchy
2.7. Industrial Revolution; the Victorian period; the empire
2.8. WWI; WWII
3. Summary of the history of the United States 3.1. Early America
3.2. The colonial period
3.3. The road to independence
3.4. Slavery
4. Physical geography of the British Isles 4.1. Climate
4.2. Geographical features; the island mentality
5. Physical geography of the USA 5.1. Climate
5.2. Geographical features
6. The constitution of the UK 6.1. Government
6.2. Elections; the role of the monarchy ; the Abdication Crisis 1936
7. The constitution of the USA 7.1. Government
7.2. Elections; the role of the president
8. Foreign affairs 8.1. The UK vs. EU; Brexit
8.2. UK's Special Relationship with the USA
9. British art, artists and cultural context. British 18th- and 19th-century painters; Sources of cultural inspiration.
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