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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Culture and Civilisation of English-Speaking Countries
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Research (Research project) A6 A18 B1 B6 C3 The project will be carried out in pairs. Only in exceptional cases and with the teachers' consent may the project be done individually.

The project will consist of a critical analysis and assessment of the positive and/or negative contribution of an event or person (no longer living) to English-speaking culture and society. The project should NOT be a mini-biography, list of accomplishments, history brochure, etc. (i.e. Wikipedia-type information).

The project task will consist of: (i) an oral presentation to be done in class (dates to be published on Moodle); (ii) a 500-word abstract, including five keywords and a bibliography of all sources used (print and electronic); (iii) a print-out of the Powerpoint used for the presentation. Specific details and instructions will be provided in class and on Moodle.

Students should be aware that the faculty uses a computer programme (Turnitin) to detect plagiarism (i.e. copying the work of others, whole or in part, including copying and pasting), and the use of work handed in previously by the same student or by another student for a different subject or purpose. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero mark for the project assignment.
Mixed objective/subjective test A2 A11 B7 Written exam: short answers; short commentaries; identification of significant elements , objects, historical and cultural documents, paintings, geographical features. 50
ICT practicals B3 C3 -Analysis of primary and secondary sources via Internet /and/or photocopies. Study and critical evaluation of such materials.
Some of the tasks completed in the TGR classes will be collected for assessment.
TGR tasks: 5%
-Two longer written tasks based on Interactive sessions (topics and characteristics announced on Moodle) will be handed in by 31.10.2019 (A), by 14:00, and by 5.12.2019 (B), by 14:00.
Interactive tasks: 20%
Late submission: 25% penalty
See note on plagiarism above.
Assessment comments

  1. Mixed objective/Subjective
    test: on the date approved by Xunta de Facultade for the academic year 2019-20
    (first opportunity January 2020). This date is not negotiable, except if the
    student has another exam on the same day and at the same time. The dates for
    submitting work must be adhered to; any circumstance which prevents a student
    from fulfilling his/her obligations must be justified with appropriate
  2. The equivalent of a 5 out of
    10 is necessary in each section of the assessment in order to pass this
  3. The July opportunity is not
    intended for improving marks. Taking place on the date fixed in the academic
    calendar, it will be based on the repetition of the parts(s) not already
    passed, maintaining the same percentages. In July, the 5% for TGR tasks will be
    incorporated into the mark for interactive tasks, resulting in 25% for the two
    longer written tasks. The oral presentation will take place on the day of the
    written exam in July. The printed material related to the presentation must be
    handed in by 28th June 2020.
  4. Topics for resit tasks will be announced on
    Moodle. Note that resit tasks must be submitted by 5th June 2020. Penalties will be applied for
    late submission.
  5. Students will obtain a
    "no presentado" (absent from assessment) if they do not attend the
    written exam and if they do not hand in 50% of the required practical work.
  6. Students who fail the first
    opportunity and do not attend the second opportunity in July will receive
    SUSPENSO --fail--.
  7. Students who are officially
    registered as part time, as stipulated in the regulations of this University,
    will be assessed in either of the opportunities according to the same criteria
    specified for the second opportunity. Students in this situation should contact
    the teachers at the beginning of the semester.
  8. December exam (final exam
    brought forward): assessment according to the criteria specified for the July

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