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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Use of English 2
Topic Sub-topic
Describing people. Describe physical appearance, personality and behaviour, lifestyle and beliefs

Use of the simple present tense for the description of people. Use of adecuate vocabulary.
Organization of information is a key element that should be taken into account.
Describing places /buildings Name/location/population of the place, reason for choosing a place.
Place: surroundings
Building: surroundings, detailed description of exterior, interior.

Use relative pronouns to make more complex sentences for the description of places and buildings.
Describing objects size, weight, age, shape, pattern, colour, origin, material, special charactericsts, reason for being special

Use of appropriate adjectives and collocations, formal and informal linguistic styles for the description of a tourist article or a family postcard.
Decribing festivals/events/ceremonies Set the scene
Description of actual event
Explanation and reason
Feelings, comments and thoughts
Narratives Set the scene
Main body
Final paragraph.

Use of direct and indirect speech for creating situations and dialogues in stories.
Discursive essays For and against
Solutions to problems

Care should be taken to organize the information so that it flows logically and reasonably to the reader. The organization of the argumentation should be done in such a way that it look more convincing for the reader.
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