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Mestrado Universitario en Rehabilitación Arquitectónica (Plan 2016)
  Architectural Research and Documentation Skills
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech The guest lectures/keynote speechs consist of theoretical oral presentation classes complemented by audiovisual media that facilitate the transmission of knowledge and learning. Likewise, during these sessions it is intended to achieve a certain degree of participation by the students in order to, through their involvement, promote a bidirectional, interactive and dynamic learning process.
Case study As a complement to the guest lectures/keynote speechs and in order to promote the autonomous learning of the students, practical classes will be held in parallel. In them the students will face the resolution of specific cases in which to put into practice the contents explained in the master classes and that, at the same time, serve as a reference to the topics under study in the assigned supervised works. Likewise, throughout the course they can consider visits outside the classroom or invite a specialist on some subjects.
Supervised projects Methodology designed to promote the autonomous learning of students, under the tutelage of the teacher and in varied settings (academic and professional). It is primarily concerned with learning "how to do things". It is an option based on the assumption by students of responsibility for their own learning. This teaching system is based on two basic elements: the independent learning of the students and the monitoring of that learning by the teacher-tutor.
To carry out the supervised projects, the students must carry out field investigations regarding the architectures that are the object of their own work. Students will have a certain ability to select these works. Likewise, given the supervised nature of this work, regular follow-up sessions must be held with the teaching staff, in order to optimize or, where appropriate, redirect the activities in progress.
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