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Grao en Estudos de Arquitectura
  Urbanism 5
Topic Sub-topic
1. Understand and analyze the existing reality and expose it based on techniques of representation that prioritize the capacity for synthesis and communication. - Synthetic and analytical representation of the territory through sketches, diagrams, diagrams, perspectives, plants and sections, etc.
- Representation and analysis of the territory through real and virtual models.
- Representation and complex and sectoral information of the territory through blogs, platforms, video photographs, collages, etc.
2. Propose a structured program and develop proposals Brief and land use, urban development and basic conditions of the transforming operation.
3, Preparation of proposals, strategies or projects.. - Strategic plans.
- Special plans (internal reform, protection, environmental, etc.)
urban planning.
Formalization of the group proposal and the individual proposal - Urban projects.
- Urbanization projects.
- Projects of conditioning of outer space.
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