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Grao en Estudos de Arquitectura
  Urbanism 5
Methodologies Description
Case study The theoretical concepts presented in the lectures will be applied in a short original essay through the study and analysis of cases
Workshop Workshop sessions will be dedicated to the practical work in the classroom. It will consist of an analysis project in intervention in a field with environmental interest. It will be done in groups, with an individual part.
Directed discussion Public presentations will serve as a starting point for discussions on topics relevant to the subject
Guest lecture / keynote speech Each week, a topic will be introduced by the lecturers. The student will have to supplement this presentation with the reading of recommended bibliography extracts. Attendance to lectures is mandatory, with a maximum of 20% of unexcused absences admitted. Sessions will be strictly timely. The use of mobile devices (such as computers, tablets or phones) will not be allowed during the course of the class
Document analysis An important part of coursework consists in selecting the relevant information and data. Therefore, the student should be familiar with the instruments of the discipline.
Objective test Theoretical examination of the contents explained in the class and / or in the bibliography of the subject
Practical test: A test, based on a possible real case of intervention on the landscape. It will be done individually in the designated classroom
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