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Grao en Fisioterapia
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Supervised projects A19 A13 B3 C8 Written assignment about 6 pages in length centred on a theme related to Physiotherapy, in English. Details can be found in the "Methodologies" section and on the corresponding page of the Moodle platform.
work will be handed in, unless otherwise stipultaed, in digital format, in order to comply with the Green Campus norms.
Oral presentation B4 B5 C5 Oral presentation in English summarising the written assignment, maximum 5 minutes. Details on the Moodle platform. 30
Student portfolio A17 C2 C3 C4 Attendance, participation and written work carried out during the course for both teachers. 30
Assessment comments

Percentages assigned to each part of the assessment may vary slightly from one course to the next, depending on subject requirements. However, the total allotted to the theoretical part (mixed objective/subjective test plus supervised projects) will have an approximate value of 50% (between 40 and 60%). Likewise, the assessment of the practical part (oral presentation plus student portfolio) will have an approximate value of 50% (between 40% and 60%).

Students who fail to come to the written exam sessions at either the first or second opportunity will be given a grade of (No Presentado (Absent) in the event that they do not hand in at least 50% of the assessable activities during the course.

According to the VOAT guidelines, those students who fail the first opportunity and fail to attend the second session in July, will be given a grade of "Suspenso" (Fail) in the first opportunity.

In the July examination, apart from the written exam (50% of the final grade), students will have to present the work they did not submit during the course, including the presentation. Those who failed to reach the level required in the section "Student portfolio: attendance" will have to present another piece of written work (50% of the final grade), whose characteristics should be consulted with the teacher involved. Those who do not come to the July examination session will be given a grade of "No Presentado", unless they failed in the first exam, in which case they will be given a grade of "Fail" (Suspenso).

Those students with a special dispensation for part-time study or other will be required to contact the teacher in charge of the subject. They will need to present a longer piece of written coursework and do the written exam.

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