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Grao en Enxeñaría Mecánica
   Personalized attention
Problem solving
Supervised projects
Laboratory practice
In the personalized attention will treat to amend possible deficiencies in the previous chemical training of the student and to resolve doubts and punctual questions that, usually, prevent him the general follow-up of the matter.

It will realize a follow-up of the work of the student in the laboratory, will take in consideration his suggestions and will loan him help to clear the doubts.

In the average group problem solving sessions, they will be helped to clarify concepts and resolve possible doubts.

In the supervised projects preparation will facilitate them the assistance that require for his preparation and exhibition.

The students that request and was them conceded academic dispense, will be able to remain exempt of the 80 % of the face-to-face classes assistance (Guest lecture and problems solving). They will realise mandatory the laboratory practices and will participate in the training of group of work sessions, preparation and presentation/exhibition of the supervised project, what involves the assistance to the 20 % of the face-to-face classes.

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