Tema Subtema
1. Realism, regionalism, naturalism in American fiction, 1850-1914 1. American realities and forms of literary realism: Mark Twain, Henry James, Stephen Crane
2. 'A Homemade World': American Modernism and its context, 1914-1945 1. Poetry: Modernist experiments
2. Prose: Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner
3. AMERICAN DRAMA (1945-2017)

1. Arthur Miller.
2. David Mamet.

1. Multi-ethnic literature: general overview.
2. Case study: Asian American literature (narrative by Maxine Hong Kingston, Gish Jen, and Andrew Lam; a selection of Asian American poetry).
5. POSTMODERNISM 1. Defining Postmodernism and Postmodernity.
2. Social satire and Chaos
a) John Updike's "Separating"