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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Lingua Inglesa 3
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(The themes are chosen with the aim of preparing the student to face a good number of real communicative situations. See Step 8 on Sources of Information for the textbook from which the following topics are taken)
1. Where we live
Grammar: emphasis with inversion, verbal tenses (present and perfect past, present and simple and continuous past) Practical Functions: to describe, inform. Audition: aural skills about the city and its people, to level C1. Written Composition: reports. Vocabulary: The lexicon related with the city and its people, to level C1.
a. London taxi-drivers
b. Dream homes
c. Plan of a home
2. The art of conversation. Grammar: relative clauses (defining and non-defining); Practical functions: offering advice and asking for information. Audition: Aural skills about facial expressions and at C1 level. Written composition: proposals. Vocabulary: vocabulary about introducing oneself and conversation at C1 level. a. How to have a conversation.
b. The texting champion.
c. Speaking, communication and the Internet.
3. Ages and stages. Vocabulary: Vocabulary concerned with education at C1 level. (count and non-count nouns) Grammar: passive voice, collocations and phrases with “wish”. Practice in oral English: discussion about advertising; Style and register: Language appropriate for each task; register and style transfer. a. Obsession with Vampires.
b. What diaries can and cannot do for you.
c. Where and why people live longer.
4. No gain without pain.
Grammar: “-ing” and infinitive, doubling of consonants in “-ed” and “-ing” forms. Written composition: descriptions, arguments. Phonology: Intonation and stress at required level. Doubling of consonants after vowels depending on their pronunciation. Oral practice: debating and discussing about motivation.
a. High Achievers
b. Failed Products.
c. Why Pefectionism isn't Perfect.
5. The feel-good factor.
Grammar: conditionals and hypothesis; conditionals: advanced features; “wish”, “would rather / sooner”, “it’s time”. Practical functions: descriptions; Vocabulary: Lexical items related to happiness atl C1 level.
a. The Price of Happiness.
b. Feel-good films.
c. The Happiness App.
d. Work and Happiness.
6. Living with the past.
Grammar: comparisons (by far, far more, far less, etc); adverbs, adverb phrases and conjunctions. Written composition: reviews of television series.
a. Family Genealogies.
b. Hoarding.
c. Archeology.
7. The hard sell.
Grammar: conditionals and hypothesis (advanced features). Audition: Aural skills concerning sales techniques at C1 level. Style and register: Correct language to perform each task; transfer of register and style (narratives and advertising).
a. The importance of Brand names.
b. The Fifth Taste.
c. Using Scents in Marketing.
8. Passing through.
Oral English practice: Travelling and volunteer work. Grammar: “modal verbs”. Written composition: brochures. Exercises: transformations. Phonology: Intonation and stress at level required. Vocabulary: Vocabulary related with travel at C1 level.
a. Travelling for a living;
b. Volunteering for work abroad.
c. Expats in New York.
d. Souvenir Hunting.
e. Travel Guidebooks.
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