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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Lingua Inglesa 3
   Sources of information
Basic Burgess, Sally, and Thomas, Amanda (2014). Gold Advanced Coursebook. . Harlow, UK. Pearson ELT.

Students should bring the book to class with them as a matter of habit, in whichever form they can find it.

You can also listen (optional) toaudios at the same level from the Gold Advanced Exam Maximiser book (which you can find in the Faculty library but we will not study). These can be heard for free at:


Complementary Edwards, Lynda and Jacky Newbrook (2014). Gold Advanced. Maximiser with key..
Jones, Leo (2001). New Cambridge Advanced English. Cambridge, CUP.
Mann, M. (2008). Destination C1&C2: grammar and vocabulary. MacMillan
Quirk, R. and Greenbaum, S. (1985). A University Grammar of English. London, Longman
Swan, M. (1996). Practical English Usage. Oxford: O.U.P.
Tims, Nicholas et al. ( 2014). Face2face Advanced Workbook. Cambridge, UK: CUP ISBN 1107690587
Vince, Michael (2009). Advanced Language Practice. English Grammar and Vocabulary. (WITH KEY) MacMillan Publishers

The above 7 books are for reference and further practice only.

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