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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Lingua Inglesa 3
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Student portfolio B6 C2 Written compositions will be assessed. The characteristics of each will be explained by the teachers involved. 20
Objective test A9 B1 An objective test based on materials covered in class, further reading and assignments required by both teachers. Includes various sorts of exercises, a composition and a listening test. 35
Seminar B4 B6 C4 Students will be assessed according to their attendance (5%) and participation (5%) = 10%. 10
Oral presentation A9 B4 C2 Students will talk about a topic chosen by her/himself, where there is an element of controversy involved. It should be based on a text, taken from a magazine, newspaper, website, etc, where a point of view is expressed, and the student should include and argue his/her own point of view on the topic. This test is individual, cannot be done in pairs or groups, and should be performed without notes. They should make use of a PowerPoint or other presentation, but this should only be consulted, not read in its entirety. Details can be found in the course programme available on Moodle. 20
Speaking test B4 C2 All students will perform a speaking test at the end of the four-month period, individually or in pairs, in which they must display communicative competence in the English language. Students will be assessed on their ability to make themselves understood, their coherence, fluency, pronunciation and also their lexical and grammatical complexity and correctness. 15
Assessment comments

Teachers have access to the software "Turnitn", useful for detecting plagiarism in work realised outside the classroom.

IMPORTANT: In order to pass this subject, a minimum of 5 out of 10 is required. A score of 4 out of ten is the minimum required in the written examination. Those students who do not attend the written exams will be given a grade of NP (absent).

JULY ASSESSMENT: Students who are absent from or who fail in the first
opportunity examination will have to sit the "second opportunity"
exam session in July, where the criteria for assessment will be the following:
Speaking test (10%), Objective test (40%), Oral presentation (15%) student
portfolio (20%). Oral summary of a short story (15%), chosen by the teacher,
from the “Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl Vol 2” (15%). The story for the
2019/2020 course is “Lamb to the Slaughter”. You can find these stories on any
of the following links




Those students who have passed part of the subject in the first opportunity session will NOT be required to repeat that part in July. 

Students sitting the December exam (final exam brought forward) will be assessed according to the criteria specified for the July opportunity.

SPECIAL DISPENSATIONS: Those who have a special dispensation for part-time study according to the norms established by the University of A Coruña, will be required to fulfil the same requirements as those of the July session.

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